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How do you calculate perimeter?

The perimeter is the distance around the boundary or outside of a closed geometrical object. For instance, in order to make a flange around a rectangular duct, you will need to calculate the perimeter of the duct first. This will help you work out the amount of material you require.


Perimeter of rectangle


The perimeter (P) of a rectangle is P = 2(l + b), where l = length and b = breadth



Perimeter of square


The perimeter (P) of a square is P = 4s, where s = length of the sides.



Perimeter of triangle


The perimeter (P) of a triangle is P = a + b + c, where a = length of one side, b = length of another side, c = length of the third side.



How do you calculate the perimeter of an object?

Find the perimeter of a rectangle or parallelogram

Find the perimeter of a square

Find the perimeter of triangle

Need more practice?

Word iconComplete this perimeter activity sheet (Word 294 kb)

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