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What safety precautions should be observed?

Caution sign


No person should operate a brake press unless properly trained.

Lack of training is a common cause of injury.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) must always be followed.


Most brake press injuries result in fingers being severed or badly crushed.

Hands can be trapped between the descending blade and the press block, or between the press bed and the sheet of metal being shaped.

By law, all press brakes must have an infrared safety system. This identifies when the operator is near the machine and will slow down the blade stroke.

In most cases of injury the machine is unguarded or the system installed to protect the operator is not active.

Setting the press block or blade in position is particularly hazardous.

Safety checklist

Before you start check that:

During operation
Operating a brake press safely. Click to open larger photo in new window.

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