Total Fabrication

Competency map - MEM18.1C – Use hand tools

Performance criteria Skill Set Task
Element 1: Use hand tools

1.1   Hand tools are selected appropriate to the task requirements.




Template making



Marking out




Addressed in the Toolbook, and in the Workbooks and Project sheets for:

Roll a cylinder.

Roll a conical shape.

Press a conical shape.

Press a transitional shape.

Construct shapes using parallel lines.

Construct shapes using radial lines.

Construct shape using triangulation.

Identify marking out technique.

Perform the four basic rules.

1.2   Hand tools are used to produce desired outcomes to job specifications which may include finish, tension, size or shape.
1.3   All safety requirements are adhered to before, during and after use.
1.4   Unsafe or faulty tools are identified and marked for repair according to designated procedures before, during and after use.
1.5   Routine maintenance of tools, including hand sharpening is undertaken according to standard operational procedures, principles and techniques.
1.6   Hand tools are stored safely in appropriate location according to standard operational procedures and manufacturers’ recommendations.


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