Total Fabrication

How to work through a task

Screen shot of Start up pageThe Start up page is the first page to load when entering a task.

You can navigate through the task by clicking on the links at the top of each page. Here is a brief outline of each page within a task:

Start up - provides general information about the task requirements and how to work through the task.
Find out - provides you with access to the resources for the task.
Try it - this is where you check your understanding through interactive activities.
Do it - this is where you apply your skills and knowledge to the workplace. You can access a downloadable Project sheet (Word doc) which provides suggested activities where you can apply your skills.

You can also access other areas of the Toolbox by using these links:

Toolbook - contains information about hand tools used in metal fabrication.
Glossary - contains information about keywords.
Contact - communicate with your teacher and other students.
Workbook - an area where you can keep evidence of your learning as you work through a task. You will need to check with your teacher if this is a requirement and a part of the final assessment.


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