Total Fabrication

Keeping evidence of your learning

You may be required to keep evidence of your learning as you work through the tasks in the Toolbox. Check with your instructor if this is a requirement and part of the final assessment.

Each task has its own Workbook and Project sheet.

The Workbook is for recording your notes as you work through the task. Read the instructions at the top of the Workbook and practice saving it to your computer hard drive or external storage device such as a floppy disk or USB drive.

The Project sheet gives you suggestions on types of suitable workplace activities and projects. This will help you apply what you've learned from the task through a practical activity in your workplace. You may be required to have the task signed-off by your instructor. If so, there is a place on the Project sheet where your instructor can sign.

You will need to check with your instructor if you are required to hand in Workbooks and Project sheets as part of your evidence of learning.


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